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So good I couldn't stop listening.

Ascendant by Craig Alanson

4.5 ⭐️

Ascendant follows Koren Bladewell, a young man and unbelievably powerful wizard. The only problem is he doesn’t know he is a wizard. In fact, Koren believes he is a jinx and bad luck for all those around him. First off, I am a huge Craig Alanson fan. I’ve been listening to his Expeditionary Force series for years now. The narrator is Tim Gerard Reynolds, one of my favorites. Craig Alanson’s main character Koren is so honest and genuine, you cant help but feel sorry for him as he gets caught up in a series of, unfortunate events and misunderstandings. It was one of the main things that drew me into the book. Alanson has created an intriguing feudal world filled with magic, war and supernatural mysteries. If you are looking for a good magical adventure series with an endearing main character, then Ascendant should definitely be on your reading list.

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